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An Unbiased Review for Panasonic ESLA63S

Panasonic ESLA63SWhat’s The Whole Idea?
According to the most predominant feedback received for Panasonic ESLA63S foil shaver from a wide range of users, the close, comfortable shave obtained by this product is one of a kind. This product does not include the self-cleaning stand, though, and adding $35 will get you the Panasonic ESLA93K, which will cost you a total of $210. So if you don’t mind your present storage arrangements, you get all the other features without adding $35.

Performance of Panasonic ESLA63S
Users with sensitive skin prefer this product as it prevents them from irritability, aggravation, cuts and bleeds. For a small group, it has even aided in easing ingrown hair, rough skin and other existing skin issues.

A trusted reviewer suggests that if you spend an extra minute going over the tough areas again, you can get very smooth results. The most unexpected part is going against the grain and still feeling the smoothness.

The usual shaving cream or shaving gel sure works, but with this product, you can also shave dry. One very useful use of this shaver is that it is comfortable to use in the shower too, saving your time.

You obviously need a good grip when you are accessing very sensitive skin areas with a sharp object. Panasonic ESLA63S provides that with the rubber padding coated over the hold. It enables a firm hold with wet hands too. Some users have given a feedback that they have found the top area of the shaver a little too bulky, making the shaving experience on sensitive and inaccessible areas like nose and upper lip uncomfortable. The good news, though, is that the trimmers perform really well for a close shave.

Some users have observed that though the battery works on maximum power most of the time, and charges in one hour too as promised, it might not back up the promise of retaining life for 45 minutes. Also the battery while being charged cannot be fitted into a travel bag.

The cleaning stand that is provided with the ESLA93K cleans well, but looks flimsy and is quite loud. A number of complaints were made regarding the life of the cleaning unit. It was observed that it didn’t last for more than a year. Good news is that the best beard trimmers are very easy to clean as they are water-proof.

The positive and negative reviews of experts and consumers about the noise level of the Panasonic ESLA63S (and ESLA93K) are divided at the middle. The ESLA63S particularly enjoys a good rating.
Some consumers believe that all Panasonic products are loud and this one is no different either, while others believe that they have come across products louder than this so it is bearable.

After all said and done, Panasonic holds a good record. If only the customer service is improved, the user experience will be even more enjoyable. Although the ESLA63S and ESLA93K don’t attract many negative comments, general complaints for Panasonic like durability, battery life and poor customer service is quite common.

Some feedback also showed a lack of performance with the shavers when they stopped working suddenly. Some could not get the shaver replaced, and one user received a lower-priced model as replacement.

This shaver comes with a 2 year warranty, and a money-back guarantee for 30 days. The price for foil replacement (once a year) is about $60, and for blade replacement (once every two years) is $20. Sometimes both parts are also available at lower prices.

Price: $59.90