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3 Best Battery Powered Beard Trimmers In The Market Today


There are very many varieties of beard trimmers on sale today since beard trimmers come in different sizes, colours, functionalities e.t.c. In this article, we will be interested in one specific category/variety of beard trimmers i.e. battery powered beard trimmers. As the name suggests, these are beard trimmers that are powered directly using batteries. These types of beard trimmers are more flexible in terms of usage since they don’t require direct electric current to function.

They can also be used anywhere including areas with no electricity. Battery powered beard trimmers aren’t without challenges which mostly revolve around reliability and efficiency. Below is a list ranking the best battery powered beard trimmers in the market today according to factors like customer reviews, features, reliability and price among other factors.

1. The BaByliss 7107U cordless beard trimmer (Price: $22.55)

BaByliss 7107UThe BaByliss 7107U cordless battery powered beard trimmer is undoubtedly one of the best beard trimmers in the market today. This can be attributed to the trimmer’s impressive features as well as other factors like usability. For instance, the trimmer has a 5 position multi-length comb guide which allows you to achieve your desired length. The trimmer also has 3-jaw line and sideburn blending combs for ensuring you get a professional finish.

The BaByliss 7107U also comes with a convenient stand. Other notable features include; detachable stainless steel blades which are diamond-sharpened for extreme sharpness and beard trimmer accessories. Features aside, you get a 3-year warranty when you buy this battery powered trimmer. Nothing more needs to be said. This battery powered beard trimmer stands out from many similar trimmers in the market today.

2. The Remington MB4040 beard trimmer (Price: $66.56)

Remington MB4040This is another top battery powered beard trimmer in the market today. This trimmer also stands out because of its features i.e. titanium coated blades that offer superior cutting performance as well as long lasting service without the need for oiling. The trimmer also has 9 different lengths featuring an integrated zoom wheel for superior precision.

The MB4040 also features a powerful motor capable of tackling the thickest and hardest hair. The trimmer also offers superior performance when fully charged i.e. the trimmer can serve you for 3 hours straight when fully charged. Very few battery powered beard trimmers are capable of such impressive performance which is precisely why the Remington MB4040 makes it to this list despite being expensive according to a number of online customer reviews.

3. The Panasonic ER2403 beard trimmer (Price: $27.45)

Panasonic ER2403The ER2403 is also among the top battery powered beard trimmers in the market today according to customer reviews. This can be attributed to the fact that the trimmer has impressive features/functionalities but is still reasonably priced. The Panasonic ER2403 has 5-stage adjustment (from 3 to 15 mm). The trimmer is also waterproof which is one of the top features of ER2403 according to customer reviews.

Customers love the fact that you don’t have to worry about water when shaving. Customers also love the fact that the trimmer is easy to use and clean. The 1 year warranty is also a notable benefit. In summary, the ER2403 is the best battery powered beard trimmer for a person looking for a simple yet effective and reasonably priced beard trimmer.


In summary, the above trimmers stands out as the top battery powered beard trimmers in the market today. Although there may be many other equally good trimmers in the market when you consider personal preference, you can’t miss an impressive batter powered beard trimmers from the above list.