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Beard Trimmers – Compare Reviews and Ratings

Philips Norelco QT4000 ReviewWe often let out an involuntary sigh after we see a ruggedly handsome model or an actor with stubble. Many men think they can pull that off, but isn’t the reality always different than the imagination? The truth is, very few men can fit into that niche. However, almost all clean shaved men look appealing. If men recognize this, they can win their first impression anywhere they go.

It is one of the most important aspects of male grooming. Even they know that subconsciously, though. You will never catch a responsible man without a shave on a date or an interview or on one of those parent-teacher meetings! No man will give the excuse of a busy schedule on crucial events. Well, even when there is a jam-packed day, we always have easier and quicker alternatives. A electric beard trimmer is anybody’s best choice for shaving needs.

Different types and brands of beard trimmers are available in the market today, depending on the company advertising them. Now they have taken it a step forward. You even get attachments with your choice of trimmers, either built in, or to be manually attached, giving you more choices and facilitating easy operation without going to a salon.

Philips Norelco QT4050There are different features too. A trimmer may have a crown that can pivot on a three dimensional area to reduce cuts and bleed. Another may offer an automatic lubrication, vacuum or battery powered option. Some even will save you more time if you can trim while taking a shower! All in all, there are many alternatives for dry, wet and moisturizing conditions for beards, nose and ears. A complete grooming kit.

So if the market is flooding with options, how can you pick out the best one for yourself? Isn’t too much information daunting? Well, you can list out your needs and preferences, and dip into some research to find an almost custom made trimmer for you!

To find out what is the best beard trimmer check out comparison table below.

Characteristics to consider for a trimmer

The market may come out with a new product every few weeks or months and claim that the new one is better than all the previous ones ever manufactured. But only you can decide which one fulfills your requirements, the one you are comfortable with. Here are some characteristics listed to help you make a decision:

Battery Life

The most loyal customers of trimmers will be some of the busiest men out there. When there is no time to go to the salon, or give yourself a thorough shave, how can you wait while the trimmer is being charged? You need to pick the one with the shortest charging time for a quick mobile use.


I know a few men who think they will be taken seriously at work only if they look older, and hence simply can’t part with their beard. They always need the assurance of their stubble and are interested just in maintaining it. There are also some, who think stubbles make them look more attractive than the clean shaved look. And some want a new style and design on the beard every week!

Well, attachments on trimmers are absolutely wonderful for all these purposes. Some are already in-built and you can access them as per your requirement. Some provide a whole set so that you can keep changing the different specifications or experiment on new looks. The ones which are hassle-free and easy to lock on are your best choices. You can opt for the set which includes trimmers for nose and ears too, so that you have the complete beard grooming kit with you. If you are always on the go, and want the freedom to trim anywhere at all, automatic attachment accessible with a click of a button is apt for you.

Moving Head

How many times have you cut yourself just because someone startled you, or you were lost in thoughts and not paying attention? Even if the skin is too dry or irritable, it causes a bleed with those conventional razors with stationary heads. Automatic trimmers have some very good features to avoid this discomfort and prevent cuts and bleeding. The head of the trimmer pivots, enabling to move and rotate according to the movement on your skin or the movement by your hand while shaving. This usually leads to the trimmers smoothly gliding over the contours of your face, without coming to a halt with a glitch.

Philips Norelco and Braun have launched some new models which highlight the use of these movable heads. They cut very close and give a precise shave, while also protecting your skin from cuts and irritation. There is also the popular latest model from Phillips, called the Philips Norelco BG2040 Body Groom Pro which provides a 3-D movable head with “pre-trimmers” on each side. These allow you to get that precise and close shave after moving over the same spot just once.

Travel Buddy

We know men travel light, but even they won’t want to miss their grooming kit wherever they go. Be it their weekend plans with a date, office outing, honeymoon or business tours, the razor goes with them! And just for the ease and comfort and less weight, men since years have preferred their Gillette razor accompanied with shaving cream. But if you are already pampered by a trimmer at home, you won’t really enjoy going back to the primitive times, would you?

The earlier models of beard trimmers used to be really bulky or box-shaped. These work well too, just as the good old razor. However, they might get difficult to handle while using it on yourself. They are used in salons as they apply their use on the customers. For yourself, you need something that is user-friendly. So you won’t choose these to use at home or carry for traveling. Well, technology and the competitive market solve that issue too. There are some really light, small and effective beard trimmers available today which come with all the attachments, and can easily be carried while traveling.

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